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  • This is our home page.
  • Here will get the daily news updates.
  • To fetch the all news we made our own API using Springboot.
  • we used the Room database for fetching all the news..
  • Do you know about the room database? read below if you want to know about the room database…
  • Room is one of the most important tools in the Android Architectural Components. Released in the Google I/O 2016, it’s a powerful tool to store and manipulate information on Android apps. It provides a very easy way to work with data and always ensures its security and integrity.
  • A closer look at Room Database and How it works: There are 3 major components in Room: Database: This contains the database holder and serves as the main access point for the underlying connection to your app’s persisted, relational data. The class that’s annotated with @Database should satisfy the following conditions: Be an abstract class that extends RoomDatabase.
  • three major components of the room are:
  • Entity: Represents a table within the Room Database. It should be annotated with @Entity
  • DAO: An interface that contains the methods to access the database. It is annotated with @Dao.
  • Database: Represents the database. It’s an object that holds a connection to the SQLite database, and all the operations are executed through it. It is annotated with @Database.
  • Here You will get weekly updates of all news entire the world.
  • Here also we made our own API for fetching all world news.
  • for making an API we used Springboot and we saved all our data in the MySql database. we made an API and uses this API to fetch all the world’s news.
  • Do you think Guys about spring boot…then see What is spring boot 👇
  • Here You can search for any news that you want to read like if you want to read about cricket news, politics news, business news and so on then you can search and read here.
  • Here You can log in via Google and made your account on the economist app.
  • Users can log in via google and will enter into the app using firebase.
  • FIREBASE helps you build and run successful apps.
  • Firebase’s first product was the Firebase Realtime Database, an API that synchronizes application data across iOS, Android, and Web devices, and stores it on Firebase’s cloud. The product assists software developers in building real-time, collaborative applications.
  • Multiple Recycler View
  • Nested Scroll view
  • Intents
  • shared preferences
  • Fragments
  • Login with using FIREBASE
  • Linear layout
  • Constraint layout
  • Web View
  • Relative layout
  • Room Database
  • Splash screen
  • Video View
  • Springboot
  • MySql Database
  1. How to use GitHub and how to collab with group mates.
  2. How to work and communicate with a team.
  3. How to be more efficient and productive at the same time.
  4. Different attributes in android studio.
  5. How to find and resolve errors and come up with the output.
  6. Time management and utilization

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